Unfortunately Grandma Chandra is not coming to the Netherlands and Belgium. 08/22/17

Due to unforeseen circumstances are Grandma Chandra and Cat not coming to the Netherlands / Belgium in September.

They are sending you Much Love.



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Welcome on the site of 'Kids of Light'


The Foundation "Kids of Light" was founded in 2007 by Joanne from Wijgerden of Healing Arts. Up till the beginning of 2013 a fixed percentage of all sales of the Healing Arts Liquid Light Frequencies was donated to the foundation.
Unfortunately they decided to  stop it.

The aim of the Foundation "Kids of Light are to promote and organize activities and/or projects for gifted and highly sensitive children and adults.

An important part of our activities is to facilitate and support the work of Grandma Chandra in the Netherlands and Europe.

About the official goal of our foundation, you can read in the statutes of the foundation.

The main concrete activity of the Foundation is currently organizing the visits of Grandma Chandra in the Netherlands. The boardof the Foundation provides a solid financial and organizational basis for these activities. The content and energetic work is done by a group of people close around Grandma Chandra.

Besides Grandma Chandra, the foundation has much contact with Judith Moore (USA) and Elaine and John von Nuding (UK). Also activities in the Netherlands of these people are on the agneda this site.

Other activities of the Foundation:
• encourage and financially support projects and activities for gifted and highly     sensitive children and adults.
• acquisition of donation money and other resources for above activities and projects

We welcome suggestions and ideas for possible projects and literature in support of our audience.

Donations and sponsoring are very welcome for our work

Eventually be articles, reading tips and reports of projects on this website.