Unfortunately Grandma Chandra is not coming to the Netherlands and Belgium. 08/22/17

Due to unforeseen circumstances are Grandma Chandra and Cat not coming to the Netherlands / Belgium in September.

They are sending you Much Love.



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1. Lotus Grid
‘Through Love and Light we unite, connecting the unconnected, finding Divinity within only to let it flow out to reach others.’

2. Waves of Time
‘Let the liquid Light flow through you; let the Waves of Time carry you toward unknown shores. Wash away anything that is redundant, remains of an ancient past waiting to be washed away. Let us guide you deep within to the Core of your Being, waiting to be seen, to be united with All-that-is.’

3. The Promised Land, Kalalau Beach
‘From the shores of your consciousness, reach out to the Divine and Holy Trinity within. See it, hold on to it, embrace it. Don’t let your eyes mislead you, trust in what you feel. Connect to the ancient wisdom that resides within your heart. Wisdom that awaits to be awakened for you to witness your true Self.

Let the Whales be your guidance, the Dolphins your joy, the Water your carrier. Let yourself be carried on the tides of Immortal Love. Only to find yourself floating back to the point from where you once originated.’

4. The Grail 
‘I am here to connect the seen and the unseen, the manifest and the un-manifest, the male and the female, the known and the unknown. I display what is hidden only for it to be united in consciousness. So that the unseen, the un-manifest, may manifest in Creation. I am connected to the Whales and the underlying ancient Feminine wisdom.’

5. Vezelay
‘Through he united powers of the Male and Female, connected to All-that-Is, Love, Light and Wisdom may flow out over the world, bringing Heaven to Earth.’

6. Eye of the Whale
‘Balancing your Male and Female energies, connecting to the ancient inner wisdom of the Feminine, the Whale’s Eye brings clarity on your path and connects to Christ Consciousness.

Gently helps radiate that what was once hidden within to become manifest.’

7. Ascension
‘Connect to the Stars. Connect to Mother Earth. Stand strong in the Middle to receive and ground the energies for all eternity.’

8. Rainbow Roses
‘In the centre you find the silence needed for you to dream your dream into existence.’

9. Ancient Seeds
‘Allow yourself to be embedded by Ancient Seed energy for your inner flower to blossom, fertilize others and grow new beautiful flowers of Oneness.’

10. Omni-Joy
‘Embodying Heaven & Earth, the Male & the Female, I connect you to the ancient wisdom and unconditional love of the Whales and Dolphins, the Grandmothers. Let the spheres on the outside lead you to the Void of Loving Light in the centre.’

11. Golden Veile
‘Touching the memory of your True Self, the Male/Female, Heaven/Earth centre within. Guided and protected by the Golden Light of Higher Self. Allowing to connect to Source and allowing Loving Light to flow out.’

12. Eye of the Universe
‘Allows you to see what was hidden before by the Shades of Time, just as it is…’

13. Omni-potent Embrace
‘Reside within my Golden temple,
Aware of the Male energies protecting the soft inner shell of knowing,
Here you have got it figured out,
Upholding the Grids for others to follow, reclaiming your Mastership.’

14 OUR FIFTH DIMENSIONAL CONNECTION: The Beluga Whale Oil One is the introduction to the Beluga Whale Frequencies, a high energy field that transforms our DNA into Love, Compassion, Companionship and Joy. This joy is the kind the Dolphins bring to Humanity. The Beluga’s bring Peace through Inner Knowing, Wisdom and Speech, to our 5th Dimensional Bodies so we can BE and BE LOVE. This oil connects Humanity to its Higher Consciousness that is the I AM Presence where speech will come openly from the heart leading to Divine Love for All Living Beings.

 15 THE NEW CHILDREN HELPER: The Beluga Whale Oil Two will help you pass through obstacles with joy and ease like passing through Liquid Light. It’s the oil that will bring JOY into your life and will help children who are diagnosed with autism, ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, etc. The children will better connect to their Home Planet, their Souls Purpose and their Mission on Planet Earth. This will help them keep their already high 5D frequency. This can be used with the Quantum Reflex Integration sound and light machine (Low Level Laser) that can integrate primary reflexes helping these children to live more comfortably on the Third Dimension.

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