Unfortunately Grandma Chandra is not coming to the Netherlands and Belgium. 08/22/17

Due to unforeseen circumstances are Grandma Chandra and Cat not coming to the Netherlands / Belgium in September.

They are sending you Much Love.



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Rainbow Lights Remedies


General information about the  Rainbow Lights remedies, made in co-creation with Grandma Chandra, Pietie and Cocky.

The Rainbow Light  remedies are vibrating instead of speaking.

All remedies work from the envelope of Mother Earth and the heart-energy and thepassions are limitless.

Qualities of all these remedies are:

Unconditional love
Soft Energy
Mother Earth
The White Dolphins, the Beluga's
- Unity Field

The remedies represent a colour

While most children often struggle with, is that they cannot express themselves in words.
Children still embody the language of vibrationbecause verbal communication is No. 1 in the society, it is not immediately possible for them to touch/meet adults from this natural vibrationWhat makes this natural flow of communication to the background or blocked.
Every child, young and old may again take his/her place and communicate again from this vibration.

The White Dolphins, the Beluga's, 

are communicating with that vibration to the outside worldThey are a link to the people to bring the vibration back in touch or restore, from which one  with playfulness / freedom can speak again. 

Inner knowledge flow freely to be in purity.

The Mother Earth energy with the Beluga energy stand for the New, an open doorway

All 7 remedies have a strong heart-connection.

Making it easierto face  the child and the inner-child in yourself 

Cocky and Pietie when tuned in to the energy of the remedies, Chandra, physically,  showed herself during her childhood.

The following remedies are born from 7 in total:

Fi-ana (transparent) and Li-ana ( gold)

Under development are:

Mi-ana (blue) Ni-ana (indigo) Ki-ana (orangePi-ana (IIIa) and Si-ana(pearl)