Unfortunately Grandma Chandra is not coming to the Netherlands and Belgium. 08/22/17

Due to unforeseen circumstances are Grandma Chandra and Cat not coming to the Netherlands / Belgium in September.

They are sending you Much Love.



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Amber : is masculine, woodsy and balances the glandular system. He is connected to the Master Number # 77, the sacred geometric form - the flower of life and has a vibrational rate of 2000.

Frankincense : another masculine, woodsy fragrance was one of the gifts to the Christ at birth. He cleanses and expands the aura, is connected to the Master Number # 88 and the icosahedron. De trillingsfrequency is 4000.

Jannat-al-Ferdowz : is a feminine floral blend that is a Sufi secret. She is the only oil that the Sufi Masters will not tell exactly which plants and flowers she contains. Jannat opens the heart chakra to the love and blessings that are the true kernel of all belief systems. Her Master Number is # 55, Metatron's Cube is the geometric form and de trillingsfrequency is 11,000.

Jasmine : another feminine floral is favoured by the Sufi Masters in Turkey as it lifts depression. # 22 is her Master Number, the Tube Torus is her geometric form and 8000 the vibrational rate.

Lily of the Valley : a feminine, floral essential oil assists in opening the channels of the body to recall past lives. The Vesica Pisces is her geometric form, # 11 her Master Number and 9000 is her vibratory rate.

Musk : a masculine essence that is a combination of woodsy and floral, it was favoured by Mohammed the Prophet to relieve anxiety, stress, heart palpitations. Musk's vibrational rate is 10,000, his Master Number is # 99 and he resonates to the Tree of Life in sacred geometry.

Myrrh ; a woodsy masculine oil was the favourite of Moses. It heals emotional wounds, vibrates to 4000, is associated with the Master Number # 66. The icosahedron is his geometric form.

Patchouli : a masculine scent originally from India is woodsy in nature. It is associated with Vishnu the Preserver. Originally used in India to protect fabrics from moths, it has a rejuvenating effect upon the skin. His Master Number is # 22, vibrational rate 7000 and he is associated with the Egg of Life in sacred geometry.

Rose : the most feminine floral is known as the "mother of all scents and queen of the garden". Rose uplifts, cleanses and purifies the mental, physical and emotional planes. She vibrates to 10,000, has a Master Number of # 99 and is associated with the Star Tetrahedron the most prevalent form used at this time by planet Earth.

Sandalwood : another masculine scent is used for high spiritual contemplation. He assists in opening the crown chakra. He vibrates to the Master Number # 99, the octahedron is his geometric form and 11,000 the vibrational rate.

Violet : a feminine floral is used to build self esteem, to dispel insomnia and promote deep relaxation. Her Master Number is # 33, the cube is her geometric form and her vibrational rate is 4000.

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