Unfortunately Grandma Chandra is not coming to the Netherlands and Belgium. 08/22/17

Due to unforeseen circumstances are Grandma Chandra and Cat not coming to the Netherlands / Belgium in September.

They are sending you Much Love.



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 The board of the "Kids of Light" has a broad general duty to the goals of the foundation. It operates on large lines and will not engage in the execution of individual activities. She is ultimately responsible for organizing the visit of Grandma Chandra in the Netherlands. The immediate organization of these activities is done by Pietie van der Weide and some people who are close to Grandma Chandra, previously the Core group. Additionally, the Board has a wide task to support activities and projects for gifted and highly sensitive children and adults. She is responsible for attracting new donations and to ensure a proper use of the funds. This can range from projects in education, research, development of therapies, etc.

The board consists of Ans Tros (Chairman), Jaap Vermuë (secretary) and Maria de Lange (Treasurer)

Pietie van der Weide's is the agent for the foundation. She is present at board meetings, she organizes the site and provides other practical organizational issues for the foundation. She is also the contact for the various activities including those of Grandma Chandra.